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『AFRO PUNK 2017 DAY 1』 写真集


Photographs of fashion people with afro-punk style! Valuable photographs with powerful impact that will last forever!


AUG 26, 2017

In Brooklyn where one of the biggest music festivals held in 2017, punk rock kids who admire afro-punk from worldwide came across.

Besides Brooklyn neighborhoods, people from Amsterdam, Paris, and Carib visited Brooklyn just for the festival, which made them even more fashionable.

Not only tribal face paintings or body paintings but live painting by artists were all eye-catching.




2017 AUG 26








- 88 page

- Digital book will be sent as pdf file.

- Brooklyn, NY

- 2017


⭕️Mari J Brooklyn NYC BIO 


Photographer / Writer / Creative Director


Debut in New York as a street photographer. Worked with hiphop artists such as Joey Badass, Travis Scott and Reggae artists such as CHRONIXX for their magazine cover as a creative director.

Currently as a chief editor of TOKYO + NEWYORK MAGAZINE, an online magazine introducing sub-cultures in New York and Tokyo regarding to black music artists, artworks and fashion shows.




ストリートフォトグラファーとして、ニューヨークでデビュー。その後、Joey Badass や Travis Scott などのヒップホップアーティストやCHRONIXX などのレゲエアーティストも雑誌の表紙など手がけ、クリエイティブディレクターとして活動。


現在、ブラックミュージック、アート、ファッションなど、ニューヨークと東京のサブカルをフューチャーしたオンラインマガジンTOKYO +NEWYORK MAGAZINE 編集長 

『AFRO PUNK 2017』 DAY 1

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