DADJU - Bobo au coeur

                           Mari J Brooklyn



帰りuber の車の中でフランス人のアフリカ人が聴いていた曲がとってもよくて






 “The Juug Tape 2”

Era Hardaway

                           Justo Ontario


We see alot of rappers come and go, rise and fall (and sometimes rise back up again) However, we all know that one key to longevity in the music biz is simple, quality. And if there isn’t one rising artist that has quality work nowdays, we know that Virginia’s own Era Hardway is one who will provide. Just in late March the young artist/ceo blessed our internet with “The Juug Tape 2”. This body of work is undeniably THE soundtrack to any hustler’s everyday grind. Whether you work retail or dropping off packages, Hardaway’s consistent wordplay and flow provide just the right amount of motivation and sauce to execute whatever you’re working on to the best it can be. Not to mention, thats only 1st layer of the cake, Era is credited in the music production, album art, and I guess we can say the overall roll out plan of the album since he IS the CEO of his own label (Real Is Rare). Click play, listen up and take notes, Juug season is here.

 "Back to Love"Chris Brown - 

                           Justo Ontario


There comes a time in every artist's life where they must pick up the baton of one of the Greats and run even further with it, to make sure the standard of greatness is still set high, and that time has came for Chris Brown. The long time coming icon released a new song and visual titled "Back To Love" a few days ago that is undeniably quite impressive to the eyes and ears. This progressive/trance influenced R&B track instantly pulls you into a pool of relaxation and deep thought that I'd say definitely will give any music lover a peace of mind. Click play to watch and hear the globally charged sound of america's own, Chris Brown. enjoy!


Song by Doja Cat 

                           Justo Ontario


 In an industry of frequent carbon copies it can be very difficult to find that one artist that brings something new and impressive to the table however, Doja Cat has made it loud and clear through her music and social media that she is as organic as they come. The multi-talented artist recently blessed the ever growing popular youtube channel 'Colors' with an effortlessly charismatic performance of her hit "Juicy". Click play for a nice cold cup of Doja juice.   

"One Touch"

Song by

Delores Galore 

                           Justo Ontario


 This week’s music feature comes singer/songwriter/

producer Delores Galore (@DeloresGalore ).

While fresh from off an east coast tour with the phenomenal Sexy Dex and the Fresh, last month the New Orleans based artist premiered her new synth pop hit “One Touch” to the world, leaving a very lasting impression on the net (especially us fans of synthesizers).

This song and visual carries all the elements that’ll make you rethink about heading back home while living the night life. Check the sexy electro driven track out above and watch your want for synths go Galore.