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視覚 臭覚 食感を刺激する、


"This initiative started as a necessity of self-preservation and within that space, I realized so many are experiencing much of the same hardships that I am. It was then, the need arrived to be able to assist other chefs of color who are struggling to survive in this current reality and in a structure that was never truly designed for us." Leon Anthony Jardíne


ABOUT Mi Zã Plaz

Pronounced "ME ZAH PLAZ", Mi Zã Plaz is a noun meaning everything in its place. Committed to merging the intersections of culinary and lifestyle, Mi Zã Plaz seeks to become your go-to source for everything black & plated. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Mi Zã Plaz sees this new concept as a partnership between Black chefs & diners and hopes to change the perception of the fine-dining experience only being available in a restaurant.

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