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LOUIS VUITTON 200周年を記念したトランクケースがモチーフの作品展"LOUIS200"

LOUIS VUITTONの代名詞でもあるトランクケースをモチーフに世界中から選ばれた200名のアーティストとのコラボレーションした作品200点が、カラフルな色や大胆なコンセプトブースで区切られた空間に3階に渡り展示。




200 works created in collaboration with 200 artists selected from all over the world will be displayed on the 3rd floor in a space separated by colorful colors and bold concept booths with the motif of a trunk case, which is synonymous with LOUIS VUITTON.

Original workshops are held in the basement, and valuable photo books can be purchased at the limited shop on the first floor.

What particularly caught my attention was the space created by artists who incorporated elements such as digital technology and technology that are separate from fashion, and the works by BTS that attracted attention from young people.

It will be held until the end of December, and there are days when tickets are already sold out, so please make a reservation early.

660 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065

#louisvuitton #louis200

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