「Coo yah」 10/14 コラージュ ペイント

by. Mari J Brooklyn


Jamaica では「ほらみてみろ」と言うスラング






“Coo yah” meaning “Come here” in Jamaican


A collage artwork made with alphabets from different books and magazines based on one of the Capleton’s songs.


Original lyrics written on the side.


Size : 20 x 20 (cm)


Art by mari jah brooklyn 







Cooyah Cooyah

Song by Capleton


Wise... wise... blessed... blessed...

More fire!... More fire!... red


More fire! Red hot! Yuh see ah now well done, yo!

Light up di fire from mi ready fi put it pon dem


Collage Typography Painting「Coo Yah」10/14