「Maad ting time」 3/14 コラージュ ペイント

by. Mari J Brooklyn



(ジャマイカ🇯🇲ではあえてブロークンイングリッシュでmad Thing をこう書くのです)







A collage artwork made with alphabets from different books and magazines based on Bob Marley’s song, “Maad Ting Time”.

Don’t think the title spelled wrong.

It is how people write ‘Mad thing’ in Jamaica.


Original lyrics written on the side.


Size : 20 x 20 (cm)


Art by mari jah brooklyn 





So Much Things to Say

Song by Bob Marley 


I'll never forget, no way

How they crucified Jesus Christ

I'll never forget, no way

How they sold marcus garvey for rice

I'll never forget, no way

How they turned their backs on paul bogle

So don't you forget, no way

Who you are, and where you stand in the struggle


Music by MORILLO&Przm






Collage Typography Painting「Maad Ting Time」9/14