「Newyork soul culture vibes」 14/14 コラージュ ペイント

by. Mari J Brooklyn



「 Vibes 」「バイブス」とは「good vibes 」「いい感じ」







Vibes, which meaning 'Good Vibes',

and the title implying that "New York's soul is culture vibes".


A collage artwork made with alphabets from different books and magazines based on one of the Protoje’s songs.

Original lyrics written on the side.


Size : 20x20(cm)


Art by mari jah brooklyn 






A Vibe

Song by Protoje


So I just wan' relax

Roll up a spliff and send it straight to my head, yeah

Smoke mi marijuana until my eyes turn red, yeah

And try to catch a vibe

Sweet, sweet vibe

So please don't you kill my high

Kill my high

Collage Typography Painting「New York Soul Culture Vibes」14/14