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Broadway musical “Chicago”

ブロードウェイミュージカルを観ないでニューヨークに行ったとは言えない。 ニューヨークは世界最先端のものを経験することの出来る場所だがブロードウェイミュージカルは約160年前から存在する今のニューヨークが存在する1つの理由だ。


どのナンバーも迫力がありキャスト達の情熱を感じることが出来たがやはり生で聴く"All that jazz"は迫力満点でこれが本場のミュージカルだと全身で感じることが出来た。

キャスト達の衣装もひとつの見所だ。 オールブラックな衣装ながら一人一人ユニークなデザインを身に纏い全員色気のあるサテンのミニスカートやフィッシュネットのタイツなどまるで下着のような衣装だ。だがその衣装が彼女達のパワーや自信を表現している様に感じる。


Photo and text by KIKI

You can’t say you went to New York without experiencing a Broadway musical. New York is where you find the newest things in the world but also you will also see why it’s been called the place of entertainment for such long time. I saw a broadway musical called “Chicago” for the first time since moving here.

The theater was historic and small, I was able to catch the casts’ small movements and their facial expression, even though my seat was in the last row. I enjoyed all of the numbers and I could feel their enthusiasm; nothing could beat the excitement of experiencing the live music of ”All That Jazz”, I felt the “real musical” within my whole body.

Their costumes are worth paying attention to. Although they are all covered in black, they each have a unique and flirty look to them, such as satin short skirt or fishnet stockingstights. These costumes almost look like they are wearing lingerie but I feel like these costumes are what’s giving them the confidence in their characters.

A Broadway musical is not cheap, but I assure you that it will be worth it if you get the chance.

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